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I've been told I should write a bit about myself and / or an artist statement but I'm not that interesting to read about and I couldn't bear to write an artist statement. I've tried and I was cringing to my toes when I read it back.  My name is James. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I take pictures of music, culture, politics and anything else I happen to like the look of.  

Here is my favourite photography joke at the moment:

If you saw a drowning man would you capture the moment on film or try to save him?  Once you'd  made your decision what lens would you use?

Am available for hire. Contact me through the menu on the left (or send me jokes, any jokes, not just photography but it would be worth noting that I have all the drummer jokes in existence). Also consider following the various social links on the left.

Thanks for visiting, recycle your rubbish, look after the planet and make sure your leaders do too (sit down in the middle of the road if necessary to get their attention) and have a good day


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